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About Go Hemp products

Our Go Hemp product grows on domestic farms that are 2018 Farm Bill compliant. We extract our oil from the whole plant using a CO2 supercritical extraction process. In addition, we use non GMO, organically grown hemp seed oil as our carrier oil for the highest quality, 100% hemp product available. Our Hemp Oil is manufactured in a USA manufacturing facility and bottled in an FDA food grade facility to ensure safety. Our products are never tested on animals.

What is hemp CBD?

Hemp CBD is the hottest supplement on the market because it is helping people with a number of ailments from pain and inflammation to anxiety and seizures. Hemp CBD is an all natural extract that comes from cannabis and contains a very low amount of THC. Our CBD hemp is packed with dozens of cannabinoids that occur naturally in this remarkable plant. All we remove is the THC (the psycho-active component), everything else remains. These cannabinoids are proving to be amazing for any man or animal with a backbone. It’s truly a wonderful product because it’s offering holistic and medicinal results with no intoxicating side effects.

Why do people use hemp CBD?

CBD hemp extract products are the most popular products to hit the health and wellness market in decades. But cannabis as a form of medicine is nothing new. In fact, it’s growing in popularity because it’s helping people with some of the most common health conditions including: pain, inflammation, seizures, tremors, stress, anxiety, sleep, and so much more! People are fed up with big pharma and they are desperate for alternatives. Hemp CBD is offering solutions for some and in many cases is helping people cancel, reduce, or remove other medications. This being said, you should never stop or alter a prescribed medication without consulting your physician.

How much should I take?

This is one of the most common questions but not an easy one to answer. CBD is not a one size fits all, take two drops every two hours kind of recommendation. Everyone has a unique Endocannabinoid System (ECS) that regulates the following bodily functions:

• Sleep • Mood • Appetite • Memory • Reproduction

These are pretty important functions that all contribute to balance and well-being within your body, often referred to as homeostasis. For example, if you get hurt, that throws off your homeostasis. Your ECS would be responsible for getting to work to help your body return to normal. Our experts recommend starting low and slow and increasing or decreasing as needed to reach the optimal amount. Some people receive immediate benefits and others need to experiment to reach optimal results. We recommend not giving up. If you stick with it, the results will be worth waiting for!