Yes, You Can Eat CBD, You Don't Have To Smoke It

Yes, You Can Eat CBD, You Don't Have To Smoke It
Lately I’m seeing more and more buzz about CBD gummies. You too? And perhaps you’re wondering, what’s the excitement all about? Apart from the fact that we love those sweet flavor explosions in our mouth! (Didn't somebody say we’re all just little kids grown big?)

Let’s start with a quick list of some of the ways you can get your cannabidiol these days. CBD can be taken with or without food, so here goes…
  • Vaporize it. Inhaling the vapor avoids the known risks of smoking but still may not be the healthiest option.
  • Juice it. You get all the fiber, calcium and iron from its leafy green nature, along with oodles of beneficial cannabinoids that are only available in the cannabis plant.
  • Topicals. Such as creams and balms (and also transdermal patches which research shows are fast-acting).
  • Sublingually. A few drops of CBD oil under the tongue will start to enter the bloodstream immediately.
  • Cannabis-infused edibles. Such as cookies, chocolate bars, drinks, spreads, soft gels - and gummies! 

Someone said the unexamined life is not worth living. So let’s examine gummies in a bit of detail.

“Why gummies? What’s so good about CBD gummies, anyway?”

  • Convenient. There’s no messing with droppers. All you have to do is pop one in your mouth and start chewing. Easy peasy.
  • Exact doses. With a CBD gummy, it’s so easy to get the dose right. In precision-manufactured products, you get an exact known amount of CBD in each gummy. That’s 10mg. So if you want a lighter dose, you can cut the gummy in half and get approximately 5mg by dry weight of our finest CBD.
  • Portable. Pop the carry pack in your pocket, your purse or gym bag.
  • Discreet. Some folks don't yet understand the benefits of CBD and they may not take kindly to your choice to consume.
  • And of course… taste. They’re a flavorful (and FUN) way to get your daily dose of CBD.

Now, because they are digested (as opposed to drops of CBD oil placed under your tongue, for example), the effects of your shot of CBD are longer-lasting.

Why is there a difference between digested CBD and absorbed CBD? 
I’m glad you asked. Like everything you eat, a gummy has to work its way through your digestive system and that takes time. About half an hour, typically. So with a gummy, it takes a little longer to start to feel the benefits but once they’ve kicked in, the effects last longer.

So tell me more about Go Hemp gummies.
Unlike most gummies on the market, our Broad Spectrum 0% THC gummies will NOT melt! Also, our hemp edibles are infused with our oil – not coated, sprayed, or dipped. It’s part of what makes our gummies special. Naturally we use our purest hemp oil CBD extract in the gummies, as we do in all our products.

What’s in our gummies? (and this is important)
Answer: All the cannabidiol goodness you’ve come to expect. But there's more to it than that. These cute little hemp-derived gummies are made from American-grown full spectrum hemp extract which means they contain only the tiniest trace amount of THC, under 0.3% by dry weight as required by law. So you know there will be no intoxicating effect. 
Unlike many other CBD oils on the market, our CBD is organically grown and distributed from a federally registered facility from right here in the United States. Each batch of oil is expertly tested for purity and quality before it is bottled. So you know you’re getting 100% organically grown CBD in Go Hemp gummies.

What’s NOT in our gummies? (and this is just as important)
No gelatin (they’re perfect for vegans!). No MSG. No pesticides or fungicides. No solvents, because we use an industry-leading CO2 extraction process to produce our hemp-based CBD oil to ensure you get the highest quality. They're also dairy free, fat free, gluten free, peanut free, tree nut free and no artificial sweeteners. Oh yes, our gummies are low sodium, too.

Are gummies good for pain relief?
You’ve probably read online about people using CBD for pain relief or to reduce anxiety or help with other health issues. However, as a company providing CBD products to the American market, we are not allowed to make medical claims. So we remind you that our gummies are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease or medical condition. They are a fun and convenient way to get your daily dose of cannabidiol in a tasty dose-measured way.

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease.*

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