How To Incorporate CBD Products Into Your Self-Care Routine

How To Incorporate CBD Products Into Your Self-Care Routine

As a rather wise person once said, if you don't take care of yourself, how are you going to take care of anybody else? And in these stressful times, it’s even more important. With coronavirus, economic worries and a rapidly changing world, it’s easy to become burdened and burned out. Which is why it’s imperative to take care of yourself, so you can make it through these challenging times and stay strong to help others when needed.

Social isolation has pushed many folks towards depression and other ills, as the Centers for Disease Control has confirmed [1]. So here we’re offering a handful of ideas to consider for your self-care routine. Including the amazing natural extract called cannabidiol, or CBD for short. 

CBD comes from the hemp or cannabis plant and is being appreciated by an increasing number of people for its therapeutic benefits.

  • CBD can support your overall health
  • It can help ease occasional skin and body discomforts 
  • Enjoy its calming action to support a pain-free body
  • It helps you have a better night’s sleep.

That’s all been documented many times. To me, it’s quite AMAZING (and quite wonderful) that this one green leafy plant has all these potential benefits packed into its leaves, flowers, stalks and stems. 

How do you use CBD, you ask?

  • You can take CBD orally (by mouth, including sublingually which means under your tongue) 
  • Or topically (by rubbing a CBD-infused cream onto your skin) -- and we’ll talk more about that in a tick. 
  • You can even add it to your food and drinks. 

Let’s talk about designing a self care routine that works for you.


For an easy feel-good experience that doesn't take long, do a few stretches. A full body stretch can help ease any tight muscles into a more relaxed and comfortable state. The next step up from that might be to do some low-impact exercises such as using resistance bands. At my house, we have a very stretchy resistance band. It’s bright yellow so it’s hard to miss and because it’s draped over a chair in the living room, it’s easy to pick up for a few stretches while standing around waiting for the kettle to boil. It’s well-known that regular age-appropriate exercise helps to keep your body at its best. Immunity is improved. Disease risk is cut down. And you’ll feel better (as long as you don't overdo the exercising!). 

Put simply, you’ll enhance your overall quality of life. And you’ll be less likely to fall and injure yourself if your body is working as the Maker intended. Regular exercising, even if it’s gentle and slow-paced, will improve the flow of nutrient-rich blood to all parts of your body. Makes it a real winner and worth the effort. Because of its extensive array of benefits, you might like to add Full Spectrum CBD Oil before your exercise sessions. Here’s a small sample bottle. Or if your muscles are a bit sore afterward, you can get targeted relief with this Pain Relief Roll-on.


Hemp seed oil is a wonderful pickup for the skin. And that’s one reason it’s used as the carrier oil for some CBD oil products, like the ones offered by CBD BioCare. 

Why is hemp seed oil so good for you? 

It’s rich in nutrients, omega-6 fatty acids and omega-3 fatty acids. And what’s so good about them, you ask? They aid in cell regeneration (keeping you young) and also have anti-inflammatory effects. The amazing endocannabinoid system in your body plays an important role in your skin health. It supports cell health and growth, it supports wound healing, and it works for skin-inflammatory conditions. This is why topically-applied Full Spectrum CBD Oil works on a cellular level to support glowing and healthy skin and make your skin look and feel better -- which of course makes you happier! So you can apply CBD oil anywhere on your skin including your face and enjoy the wonderful soothing effects… moisturizing your skin, helping to eliminate wrinkles and other skin disturbances. Some folks even use CBD cream to speed up sunburn recovery time. However it’s better to avoid sunburn in the first place, right?


When you don't get decent sleep, you probably feel lousy. But did you know that lack of sleep is highly damaging to your immune system? And when you’re exhausted, you’re more likely to get sick. In that connection, let me mention that lots of users have reported that CBD is a wonderful sleeping aid. It’s not like a drug, because it’s not a drug.

CBD works to calm the mind and body.

 “Evidence points toward a calming effect for CBD in the central nervous system,” according to ‘Cannabidiol in Anxiety and Sleep’ published on the NIH site [2]. And if it’s pain that’s stopping you from sleeping well, most users find CBD helpful in quietening down their pain sensations. 

CBD can give you better sleep. As a research paper called ‘The use of cannabinoids for sleep’ says, “Many of the reviewed studies suggested that cannabinoids could improve sleep quality, decrease sleep disturbances, and decrease sleep onset latency [how long it takes to get to sleep].” [3] Sounds good? Here’s a trial size bottle of CBD BioCare’s Full Spectrum CBD Oil. You can take it as drops under your tongue or as part of a relaxing self-massage before bed. 


Do you find it hard to relax? You always want to be doing something? You don't want to “waste time” by doing nothing? You’re a busy bee, always buzzing? Odds are… your cell phone is part of the problem. If you find it generates pressure and robs you of calm, turn it off. Or at minimum, put it into silent messaging mode while you give yourself that oh-so-precious self-care time. 


Of course, self care also includes eating well (cutting down on sugar, for one thing) and taking regular “me time” to recharge your inner batteries. While researching for this article, I ran across a piece called “Researchers Explain Why People Need Alone Time to Stay Healthy” which confirms the value of including alone time in your selfcare regime. [4] 


Let me wrap up this chat with a few comments on cannabidiol. 

  1. CBD is safe, or as the World Health Organization says, it has “a good safety profile.” [5] 
  2. CBD is not physically addictive (unlike opioids and other pharmaceutical drugs).
  3. CBD won't make you “high” because it’s not intoxicating (whereas THC is). 
  4. CBD is available in many forms including oil, topicals and edibles like these tasty gummies.
  5. Although it’s not a cure-all, CBD has many health and wellness  properties... many more than I’ve mentioned here. We’ve got other articles here that will tell you more of the amazing cannabidiol story. Click here to review the information we supply with each of our products.




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    *These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease.*


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