Give the Gift of CBD this Valentine’s Day

Give the Gift of CBD this Valentine’s Day

There’s no doubt that the past year has been rough, and we all need a little TLC. Luckily, the perfect holiday for it is upon us.

That’s right, we can spoil the ones we love, including ourselves, for Valentine’s Day

According to, Americans will spend up to $50 billion for Valentine’s Day this year, with almost 60% of that going towards gifts and the remainder on activities. [1]

With up to $106 being spent per loved one, we’re here to suggest making CBD part of your Valentine’s gift giving plan with five fantastic options.

But before we jump into our top picks, let’s review why CBD makes such a good gift to begin with.

Why CBD Makes a Great Gift

We need a little background to understand why we are even allowed to give cannabidiol, or CBD, as a gift or purchase it for ourselves. Because we didn’t always have this luxury.

In recent years, legislators and lawmakers changed the rules relating to growing industrial hemp. It’s great news for consumers like yourself looking to purchase and utilize CBD products, because hemp is the source for this cannabinoid.

But what are cannabinoids?

They’re compounds found in hemp that mimic endocannabinoids, which are naturally produced molecules in our bodies.

And those are a part of something called the endocannabinoid system, which is a complex cell-signaling network that may play a role in a lot of different functions and processes.

These include pain, sleep, mood, appetite, memory, reproduction, fertility, and more. [2]

And this is where you can see exactly why CBD makes such a great gift. If any of these areas are of potential concern, CBD could be a big help!

So, let’s explore some of the best CBD gift choices for Valentine’s Day 2021!

CBD Gummies

Who doesn’t like to receive something cute and tasty for Valentine’s Day?

These CBD gummies, made from the highest quality, domestic hemp available, may not be candy but will delight just the same. That’s because, in addition to being a great way to get CBD on the go, they’re also just downright delicious.

They’re made with 15mg of pure hemp extract, and are broad spectrum meaning they have 0% THC.

What also makes them special is they are infused, not coated, sprayed, or dipped. That’s important, because you know you’re getting 15mg of CBD in each gummy.

And better still, these gummies don’t melt like some others on the market.

If this fun and practical CBD product tickles your fancy, cruise on over to our shop and place your order for some 15mg CBD Gummies today.

CBD Chewing Gum

Folks chew gum for a handful of different reasons. Maybe your loved ones like it for stress relief, to keep their breath fresh, or even just as a harmless and enjoyable habit.

Now, as an added bonus, they can also get their daily dose of CBD with their gum.

When we chew CBD gum, it delivers the cannabidiol sublingually or submucosally. That may sound a bit strange, but it just means through the inner linings of your mouth and cheeks.

What’s great about this is that the absorption and delivery into the blood is quick and efficient.

And remember our hemp is non-GMO, organically grown, and the final products are always third party tested. So, you don’t need to worry about any nasties coming along for the ride into your system.

Place an order for some long lasting, peppermint flavored 10mg CBD Chewing Gum if this all sounds good to you.

CBD Broad Spectrum Soft Gels

Some folks appreciate practicality and perhaps the person you’re buying for is one of them. Soft gels could be the perfect gift solution.

There’s no flash or gimmicks here, just 25mg of broad spectrum CBD created with our patent pending water-soluble liquid.  

These soft gels are non-flavored and a great choice for the person who wants to know exactly how much CBD they’re taking. And who wants to be able to take it on the go.

If this down-to-earth approach to CBD sounds like it might appeal to your loved one, grab a bottle of our 25mg CBD Broad Spectrum Soft Gels.

CBD Ice Pain Relief Roll-On

Is your loved one an athlete? Do they have a job that is physically demanding? Maybe you’ve noticed them complaining about aches and sore spots a little more?

Or maybe that person is you?

The gift of pain relief is an amazing one. And this topical pain relief roll-on cools as it soothes sore muscles and joints with its anti-inflammatory properties.

It combines the power of hemp, including CBD, along with menthol. That menthol doesn’t just feel great, it helps with the absorption of the CBD through the layers of skin and into joints and muscles.

Plus, since this is a roll-on, you can target the areas that need help the most and keep it with you to use whenever necessary.

So whether it’s for someone you care for or yourself, you can’t go wrong with our 300mg CBD Ice Pain Relief Roll-On.

Anti-Aging Moisturizing Cream

Okay… Admittedly, this one might be a bit of a risk.

Not because there’s anything wrong with the product, it’s fantastic. But because giving your loved one something “anti-aging” may send the wrong signals.

Nevertheless, we think it makes a great gift for men and women alike, especially those into personal care products.

This formula works great for all skin types, offering excellent hydration in a lightweight moisturizer that you can tell is working as soon as you apply it to your skin. And don’t worry, it never feels heavy or caked on.

It’s a clean, organic moisturizer, made with all-natural ingredients, including 300mg of broad spectrum hemp. Used first thing in the morning or at night before bed, it’s a great addition to any routine.

Find our 300mg CBD Anti-Aging Moisturizing Cream in our shop and give the gift of a more youthful appearance to your loved one this Valentine’s Day.

(Or maybe just get it for yourself and see if your loved one wants to borrow some. That could work, too.)

Have a Healthy and Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s good to remember that adding CBD to any routine should also involve a consult with your health care practitioner to make sure it’s right for you or your loved one.

After that, you can feel free to enjoy any of these wonderful gifts we mentioned above, or even just plain old 750mg1000mg, or 2500mg full spectrum CBD oil.

Whatever you choose, by selecting a CBD product as a gift, you’re saying to your loved one that you care about them and their health.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Anti-Aging Moisturizing Cream

CBD Oil - Full Spectrum 

Chewing Gum - Peppermint Flavor


Ice Pain Relief with Menthol

Soft Gels





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