Buy CBD Gummies or Oil or Cream?

Buy CBD Gummies or Oil or Cream?

Buy CBD gummies or CBD oil or CBD skin cream? What I learned this week

Last Thursday, I had a dramatic experience that demonstrated an amazing fact about your mouth and mine. Well, I’m assuming yours works just like mine. And I think that’s a pretty safe bet, eh?

Two days earlier I was chatting with the chief cardio doctor at my local hospital and he picked up on the fact that my mother had needed angina tablets in her later years. He asked about other family heart history and I told him what I knew. 

Before I left his office, he’d given me a referral to have a scan of my arteries because, along with my family history, the hospital had seen what they thought might have been a slight blockage in a part of my heart. He wanted that investigated.


So the following day, I found myself lying on a sliding table inside one of those great big body scanning machines. If you’ve ever had a scan, you’ll know how noisy they are when they get going. 

This beast of a thing had already taken a set of heart x-rays, with my arms stretched out straight above my head. This first round of scans were taken without any tracking dye. The second round would be taken after the beast had pumped a radioactive dye into my left arm. But there was a little pause before that started.


The pause was so the operator (Max was his name) could pop back into the room and do a little something. Now Max was a very nice guy and had explained every step of the process so there were no surprises along the way. He’d covered it all in detail beforehand so when he popped in midway through the proceedings, he just gave me a quick reminder. 

“Open your mouth, tongue up.” 

It was time for Max to give me a couple of short squirts of arginine under my tongue. The purpose? To relax the lining of my blood vessels so he could get the best possible pictures of my arteries. 

I believe the word is vasodilation, the widening of the blood vessels. 

“You’ll feel 3 things,” Max had explained. The main thing I remember is, “You’ll feel like you want to go to the toilet, or even that you’ve wet your pants. But it’s just a feeling, it’ll pass quickly, so don't be alarmed.”

He squirted and left. 


Within a couple of seconds… 2 seconds, maybe 3… I could feel my groin heating up. The speed from my mouth to my groin was truly astonishing

In all my 73 years, this is the most amazing illustration of the speed of sublingual absorption that I’ve ever experienced. 

My mother took angina tablets, right? She popped them under her tongue and got rapid relief but I never realized the power of what was going on then. 

Not until last Thursday.

And it’s the same fast absorption when you take CBD under the tongue.

In CBD circles, it’s well known that when CBD oil enters the bloodstream directly via a sublingual application, its effects start sooner compared to other ways to take it.

A few drops under the tongue will allow it to enter your bloodstream directly through the porous lining of your mouth, rather than going through the stomach and the digestive system which takes longer and in the metabolizing process it loses some of the “CBD power.” Why? Because some of the CBD is burned up (metabolized) during the digestion process. 

When you take your daily CBD under the tongue, you avoid the loss. Sublingual absorption of CBD oil is nearly 100 percent. 

Talk about top-notch bioavailability!

Contrast that with topical absorption of CBD which has a bioavailability rate of near to 30 percent. Topical use of CBD is when you’re using it in a cream or tincture or ointment, for example. Topical administration means applying the product to a bodily surface. 

Topical use can provide targeted relief for localized pain and inflammation, which has distinct advantages when pain is robbing you of the joys of life. 

  • For the fastest absorption, choose CBD oil

Go Hemp provides full spectrum CBD oil which has been extracted from hemp plants that are organically grown in the USA. Here’s a link to learn more:

1000mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil

  • For a precise CBD intake, try CBD gummies

Our range of CBD products includes delicious gummies with a precise 15mg of American grown and American manufactured CBD isolate. Isolate is produced when the CBD is isolated from the rest of the plant. It is pure CBD and it’s what we infuse into our gummies. 

15mg CBD Gummies with 0% THC

  • For anti aging or pain relief, try CBD skin cream

Our range includes two specially developed skin products.

CBD Pain Relief Cream

CBD Anti-Aging Moisturizing Cream

Both of our skin products are “broad spectrum” and we’d like you to know what that means. 

During the extraction process that we use, the THC is isolated and removed. However at times the process leaves a minute trace of THC behind, maybe just 0.1 percent or 0.2 percent. That’s a tiny amount, being just one tenth of one percent. This residue of THC is left very rarely but it does happen occasionally so we can not in all honesty say zero THC… which is why we label most of our product range as broad spectrum. 

As with all our products, there is a complete regime of independent testing, from plant through to product, so you can have full confidence in the purity, quality and contents of what you’re applying to your skin, or otherwise ingesting. 

But that’s not all

There are also other ways you can take your cannabidiol. Smoking it. Vaporizing it. Transdermal patches. Intravenously. Via a suppository. 

However you choose to take it, CBD will work with your body’s endocannabinoid system. Compared to the better-known foundations of medical knowledge, the understanding of the endocannabinoid system is relatively new. 

In fact, it’s reported that many doctors have never heard of it. Happily, the research is continuing and the knowledge base is expanding rapidly. 

Whichever way you take it, CBD makes a swift connection to your CB receptors (that’s short for cannabinoid receptors, of course). And there are 2 types. CB1 receptors communicate with your brain and nervous system. CB2 receptors trigger immune responses throughout your body - which is how it lessens any inflammation. When that unpleasant inflammation or pain is reduced, you feel better. 


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What did I learn from the scans? There’s nothing wrong with my arteries, I’m happy to say. Max had some ideas about what the doctors thought they saw, but “you’re fine, you’ve got nothing to worry about.” I left the building on a high!

Who doesn't like a story with a happy ending, eh?



By WriterGary.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease.*

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