Achieve Your Healthy New Year’s Resolutions with CBD

Achieve Your Healthy New Year’s Resolutions with CBD

We can probably all agree that 2020 was a difficult year. And that’s putting it mildly.

However, 2021 has come and brought with it a revived sense of optimism for the weeks and months ahead.

One way many of us will embrace this wave of positivity is by making New Year’s resolutions. And according to a recent IPSOS poll, there are a lot of us doing it! [1]

In fact, the number of Americans making New Year’s resolutions is up 10% from last year! 2 out of 5 are making pledges to themselves for the year to come. [2]

And unsurprisingly several of the top ten most common New Year’s resolutions are related to health [3] which is our focus today. 

The problem is... many of us have trouble following through on our resolutions.

According to one study, nearly 1 in 4 people give up on their New Year’s resolutions within just one week of making them.  And when experts checked in with folks two years later, only 19% had achieved their goals. [4]

But don’t worry, you can be part of the 19%!

Because in a lot of cases, folks just like you need a little help reaching those goals.

In this article, we’re going to explore how CBD can provide that much needed assistance. That way, you’re more likely to keep those New Year’s resolutions and have a happy, healthy 2021!


Before we dive into how Cannabidiol can help you achieve those 2021 New Year’s resolutions, let’s take a quick look at some background info.

CBD works in our bodies by interacting with something called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This was discovered in 1992 by researchers Dr. Lumir Hanus and Dr. William Devane. The ECS is a huge cell-signaling system that plays an active role in several functions in our bodies including:

  •   sleep
  •   mood
  •   appetite
  •   memory
  •   and more. [5] [6]

CBD’s importance in connection with the ECS was understood better in the early 2000s, when Dr. Ethan B. Russo was exploring the subject. He said that of the known cannabinoids (compounds found in the cannabis plant) CBD was his preferred choice for treating several pain-related conditions. In addition to not being psychoactive, unlike the other well-known cannabinoid, THC, it simply does its job better in some ways. [7]

As research continues, CBD is being examined for its ability to interact with the ECS. Findings show it can produce favorable results in several health-related areas when endocannabinoids (molecules that our bodies naturally produce), or the enzymes that break them down, aren’t working as they should.

How does this all factor into your health-related New Year’s resolutions?

Let’s take a closer look at the most common ones, some of which you probably made yourself. And of course, we’ll outline the help CBD can provide in achieving them.

As a company providing CBD products to the American market, we are not allowed to make medical claims. So what we’ll share here are research findings (with links to the sources).  

  • Losing weight is usually near or at the top of any list of New Year’s resolutions. And CBD can help you with this mission in a couple of different ways.

    When it comes to losing weight, studies have shown that CBD might boost metabolism and reduce food consumption. That’s because of how CBD interacts with special receptors in the body connected to the ECS. [8]

    That means the body would use energy more efficiently, it would store less fat, while at the same time reducing those urges to eat unnecessarily.

    Managing caloric intake while burning more calories is always a winning combination when you’re trying to drop a little weight.

    CBD may also promote the browning of fat cells, according to another study. [9]

    Why’s that important for weight loss?

    Conditions like obesity are caused by an excess of white fat, which is a buildup of fatty acids in the body. Brown fat, on the other hand, is packed with mitochondria which gives it its color and name. You can think of mitochondria as a source of energy for your cells. [10]

    According to Dr. Donald Hensrud of the Mayo Clinic, brown fat is, “a special type of body fat that is turned on (activated) when you get cold.” It interests researchers because brown fat seems to be able to use regular white fat as fuel. [11]

    We’ll always have some body fat, no matter how fit we get. That’s just biology. So, the more brown fat we have the better.

  • Another promise you might’ve made to yourself is that you’ll exercise more, which goes along with the resolution to lose some weight. 

    More exercise is always great.

    It’s commonly reported that we should get at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity per day. But if you want to lose weight or gain muscle mass, you’re going to need more than that. [12]

    Intense exercise, whether it’s cardio or weights, can result in fatigue and body pain. This is especially true when you’re just getting back into it, upping the intensity of your workouts, or just starting your fitness journey.

    To be more specific, what you’re feeling is probably inflammation, which is an immune system response. This shows up in the form of muscle soreness and general stiffness after doing new exercises or performing ones you’ve done before at new intensities. [13]

    Don’t worry, it’s common!

    Eventually, your body will recover as it repairs itself. But for some folks, this can take a little longer. Especially after prolonged periods of little to no exercise, if you’re older, or if you have existing conditions that may worsen the inflammation, such as arthritis.

    CBD can help with all of this!

    There have been various studies showing that CBD can relieve pain due to inflammation.

    According to the Harvard Medical School, CBD has been specifically investigated for its ability to inhibit “inflammatory and neuropathic pain, two of the most difficult types of chronic pain to treat.” And the studies so far have been quite favorable. [14]

    This is what makes it so ideal for those who want to lead an active lifestyle. And athletes everywhere are singing its praises.

    Rob Gronkowski, an American football player who announced retirement at the age of 29, credits CBD with being able to get back into the game again. Without it, he says, he would not have been able to play due to the pain caused by the physicality of the sport. He says CBD has freed him of that. [15]

    Of course, for pro and amateur athletes, it is important to be aware of any rules and regulations regarding the use of CBD.

    But for average folks, not bound by league or organizational guidelines, CBD can provide welcome relief when we’re working on our New Year’s resolution to exercise more!

  • The last of the popular health-related New Year’s resolutions that we’ll examine is a broad one: live life to the fullest!

    But what does this mean?

    It’s generally meant to inspire us to get off our backsides, be grateful for what we have, and truly live! It takes to heart the idea that we only have one life to live, so we should embrace opportunity and be pro-active.

    It’s really more about improving our mental health.

    Some folks might think this phrase is too cliché and unspecific.

    But when we think about the things that might be blocking us from truly enjoying life, we could be looking at not only a pathway to living our lives to the fullest, but also how CBD can help us get there.

    First of all, CBD may also be able to help you with sleep. For a variety of reasons, it can set you on the path to having a healthy sleep cycle. And if you’re well-rested, you’re definitely going to be closer to living life to the fullest.

    How does CBD help people sleep better? Let’s take a closer look at what it may do for you:

    •   Reduce chronic inflammation and pain that may negatively impact sleep patterns.
    •   Promote alertness during the day so you’re ready to sleep at night.
    •   Reduce symptoms of sleep apnea. [16]

    Another way CBD can positively impact your ability to live life to the fullest is by improving your mood and outlook by reducing symptoms related to mental health issues.

    According to a review published in the journal Neurotherapeutics, the authors concluded that there is pre-clinical evidence which shows CBD could help many different anxiety disorders. They include:

    •   generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)
    •   post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
    •   panic disorder (PD)
    •   obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
    •   social anxiety disorder (SAD) [17]

    Building on that, in April 2020, a study was published about a group of patients being prescribed CBD for the treatment of anxiety or depression (as well as other medical issues). The findings reported a great degree of quality-of-life improvements for those living with mental health conditions. [18]

    It’s safe to say those folks are closer to living life to the fullest than before. Encouraging, eh?


    We’ve seen here how CBD may help achieve and maintain those healthy 2021 New Year’s resolutions such as losing weight, exercising more, and living life to the fullest.

    It’s important to remember that you should always consult your doctor before starting any kind of CBD treatment.

    Once you’ve done that, you’ll be ready to get out there and make those New Year’s resolutions come true!

    Have a Happy New Year with our CBD range!

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